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Downhole Motor

  • OD between 1 11/16” and 11 ¼”
  • Non-Magnetic Downhole Motor
  • Heat resistant Stator or Uniform Thickness of rubber coating which makes them suitable for high temp drilling and deep drilling.
  • Rotor with chrome coating or Tungsten Carbide coating for erosive and corrosive media.
  • Power section in various lobes, stages and lead distances which can be designed according to drilling parameters such as High Speed/ Low Torque Power Section suitable for soft formation, Medium speed/Medium Torque Power Section suitable for medium formation, Low Speed/High Torque Power Section suitable for medium to hard formation for direction drilling matching with PDC bit or tricone bit.
  • Adjust ranging from 0 to 4 degrees avoiding the disadvantages of shorter running life, easier corrosion on bare surface of flat universal coupling, accordingly extending the running life of downhole motor.