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About US

CylinderSazi Tehran Ltd โ€“ CST has its mission in supplying and manufacturing Down-hole oil drilling tools including oil drill bits. Drill bit manufacturing was started after signing a trilateral agreement with kala Naft Tehran & Smith Bits and also a bilateral quality agreement with Smith Bits in 2000.
CST honors to obtain many end-users satisfaction via successfully joint manufacturing more than 6,500 various drill bits including Rockbits and PDC bits in different sizes, gaining high drilling performance and also providing adequate customer services.
Now days CST provides Drill Bits service and inspection according to API 7 in addition to supplying and manufacturing all kinds of drill bits and their accessories In recent years CST has been successful in designing and manufacturing some Down-hole tools such as various mills, Stabilizers, HoleOpener, Taper tap, Die Collar in addition to Supplying many fishing tools, Jars and Down-hole Motors.
In addition to Smith Bits quality scope, CST has obtained ISO 9001 certificate in 2001 from DNV which has gained further customer trust on CST quality of products and services.